5 things you shouldn’t be posting on social media

Even if you think that you have your Facebook privacy settings under control, it’s still pretty difficult to control where your posts and photos end up. Sometimes, there are things we post that we don’t realise are compromising our safety. Just to stay on the safe side, there are a few things that you should avoid posting about online. Think twice before posting:

1. Your vacation plans. So you get super excited about that holiday you’ve
been waiting to go on for months and you post a countdown to the departure
date or a check-in at the airport. Harmless right? Think again. A post from
the airport or your vacation destination can give clues to pesky thieves that
you aren’t at home and probably won’t be for a while. While this is harmless
when seen by your close friends, this information can tip off robbers that
your home is empty and easily accessible. There are countless cases where
burglars have ended up selecting a home to rob after they have seen
information from social media posts and check-ins.

2. A video or photo tour of your house. Although it’s tempting to post a full
photo or video tour to show off your newly purchased or redecorated or house,
you should stick to posting a few limited close-ups at most. A full tour can
give criminals a great idea about your home’s layout, which makes it break in
and make their way around.

3. Full birthdate. The date of your birth is one of the biggest pieces of
information that a criminal would need to commit identity theft against you.
Sometimes this piece of information is automatically filled in for your social
media profiles, such as Facebook. It’s a good idea to double check that this
isn’t on your Facebook or any other accounts and manually remove it. No one
wants to get into those sticky situations where you get your identity stolen.

4. Phone number. Visa found some 29% of people admitted to sharing their phone
number online. While you may want your friends to be able to contact you, it’s
not such a sweet situation if your real phone number falls into the wrong
hands. It’s possible that someone can work out your location using a reverse
phone number lookup tool.

5. Clues to your passwords. This one might not be so obvious but you should
avoid unnecessary posts about your childhood pets, the town where you grew up,
or your mother’s maiden name— all pieces of information that a hacker could
use against you. Plus, these are things that your social network doesn’t
really need to know.



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